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Everything And Nothing.

My name is Anna. I'm 16. This is my passion. This is my poetry blog, Just so I could have some where to put all of it. All of this has been done by me.
Alot of this is mixed with old and new poems.
If you'd like to fallow my personal it's below.
-Anyway, Hope you enjoy. [:

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- Rant From A Silent Soul. -

- I’m done taking this shit,

I’m done being the subject of your gossip.

I’m done being that person,

Of which you make your popularity profit off.

- You just can’t trust anyone,

I’ll tell you that.

Because all your words get twisted,

The second you turn your back.

- Promises mean nothing,

Until the actions come to life.

But in this day and age its so rare,

That someone won’t use you against your own knife.

- People wonder why you’re so guarded,

Well look around me.

Everyone uses their words,

And don’t use their eyes to really see.

- I’ll say I’m done,

And this time its really true.

I have everyone reason these days,

Why I don’t want to be around anyone new.

- I’m not quite sure how to end this poem,

Because my words could go on and on.

But I’ll say goodbye now,

Since this could be my last one.

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- Crazy is my name, Would you like to meet another me ? They call her insane. -

- They sit, they stare,

They tell them all I’m insane.

If only you saw every stitch of my life,

Maybe it’d explain why I can’t control this pain.

- My mind it spins,

And my emotions are overflowing.

My reactions I can’t control,

Do you know what it feels like to simply never know ?

- I shake and I shake,

My anxiety eats me alive.

People think I’m just nervous,

They don’t know what I’m trying to hide.

- You can’t be close to me, touch me,

Or make a loud noise.

At that point in time,

I separate my body from my mind and I’ve lost all choice.

- Everything makes me wanna cry,

I choke up and break down.

You know when your heart drops to your feet,

And now your thorns turn into your crown.

- My thoughts turn into an obsessive behavior,

They tell everyone I’m hopeless and crazy,

And everyone seems to fade away,

I disappear into a once known memory.

- There’s words I cant stand,

I die when people speak them.

I don’t see reality anymore,

Pictures of things become my new realm.

- I can’t stand those sounds,

I go completely mad.

I freak out,

And not a single person seems to understand.

- I’ll scream and I’ll scream,

I’m not crazy or insane.

But maybe they’re right,

The voices in my head are telling me to take the blame.

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- Candid shot. -

- A candid shot,

From a crazed life.

You won’t believe,

My witness of strife.

- It’s a crippled song,

Those dear crows sing from a far.

Those coven of secrets,

Is stored among stars.

- Hopes and dreams,

Held down by cables.

And the truth of it all,

Is all seen as a fable.

- A truthful shot,

A view of life.

It’s a simple edge,

On the blade of a knife.

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An assignment from treatment. Certian words had to be used; - New York. -

- I wish I could go to new york,

Escape these cities.

Travel a new sidewalk,

View what’s so pretty.

- Feel the peace,

Because I’m completely unknown.

Head along new places,

And never come home.

- Breathe a new cool breeze,

Freshen my lungs.

Create new art,

And disappear with the sun.

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Really really old; - Asphyxiating Desires. -

- I want to make you feel the way you’ve made me feel, misery to become your lovely companion as well as it’s become mine.

- I want to drown you in my sorrow, And pull you in and out of stability. For your breath to be over taken with fear and your body to shake with insecurities.

- I want your heart to stop pounding and your soul to slowly crumble as all the walls you’ve ever built burn to an ash that will never fade. For all you’ve ever known, to become nothing you’ve ever seen.

- I want everything you do to be wrong in the eyes of others. For the emptiness I feel to become your way of life, as it’s become mine.

- I want you to understand..

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- Untitled. -

- It’s all so tainted,

Even our dire dreams.

Pushed away by hushed words,

Left to drown out at sea.

- Silence distinguishes,

The truth from the lies.

Debased by objective,

To meet a compromise.

- It’s dark and rough,

The journey leading into the light.

But people keep telling me,

It’s worth the fight.

- But lets look up,

View these bright stars.

Bent under heaven,

So we watch from a far.

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- Black Summer. -

- Summer, summer,

What can I say ?

I hate every part of you,

And every single day.

- I don’t get the enthusiasm,

Or the longing for those days.

Summer’s so dreadful,

In all different kinds of ways.

- So brown and dead,

Filled with tourist dreams.

Ghosts of fall melodys,

Travel from foreign seas.

- Black summer,

Comes 3 months a year.

Most have excitement,

While I stand with fear.

3 May - Reblog

- Reflection -

- We live in glass houses,

Etched in perfection.

If only they knew,

I can’t see my own reflection.

- Doesn’t it look so pretty,

Everything from your view.

Use your imagination,

What you see is far from true.

- We’re silent people,

With terribly loud minds.

Most see us as crazy,

Although we’re one of a kind.

- Our world is a different place,

Where the ocean meets the sun.

Where the music never ends,

And there’s never a reason to run.

- We live in glass houses,

Etched in perfection.

I won’t dare throw my stones,

Because I’m not an exception.

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- Prison Song. -

- It really tells you something,
When you can find the beauty in the rain.
A beautiful sign,
To let go of the pain.
- Although I’m not to wise,
This story is my own.
I’ve traveled through the dark,
To find my way home.
- The sun yet it rises,
Hasnt found me yet.
So I’m reaching for the stars,
Although I’m held down by these regrets.
- I look behind these walls,
The ones I’ve built on my own.
But we all live in a prison,
One we’ve made a home.
- Mine might be more dark,
Filled with tragic dreams.
Looking for an answer,
To pull apart these seams.
- But no one can judge,
No one can tell me their truth.
You haven’t lived my life,
Or placed your head in my nuce.
- Although it’s quite different,
It’s normal for me.
I’ve lived by misery,
Only surviving by dreams.
- You can’t tell me I’m terrible,
I’m trying to be free.
But I bet you haven’t known my chains,
And the shadows holding on to me.
- I’ll write it again,
And dream of the rain.
Keep reaching for the sun,
Beyond all this treached pain.

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- Sporadic Flames Of A Deep Desire -

- Someone get me out of here,

Someone help me escape.

Leave behind this town,

Escape this dangerous fate.

- A ride on a bus,

Or a ticket for a train.

I need to leave this town,

It’s driving me insane.

- Leave behind the people,

And memories as well.

I don’t care what happens,

Just get me out of this hell.

- I’ll leave a simple note,

Not explaining where I’ve gone.

But they won’t care much,

As we all know I’ve never belonged.

- Maybe to New York,

Or the ocean I will go.

I’ll be a simple stranger,

That no one will ever know.

- I’ll fallow the stars,

And move to the drum beat of the waves.

But I’ve gotta get out of this town,

I need to leave this place.

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